Checking the Pivot

This pivot doesn’t usually have problems getting around, but it still needs to be checked. This day a couple of weeks ago, June 29th to be exact, we all went along to make sure the fertilizer was getting pumped on appropriately. This nice day we walked down the pivot road. This same corn is now taller than a pick up.

walking the pivot roadWyatt’s my thoughtful child and came back to walk with me.


Elliana’s the inquisitive one and had lots of questions for Brad.

checking for pivot tracks

Brad did his things while we checked on the corn.
kids in the corn

He finished. (If you’re interested the blue stuff in the tank is fertilizer.)

pivot farmer

We walked back to the pickup


and helped water the corn.


Since we’re talking about the pivot, did you see my new header picture? All credit goes to our friend who watches our corn grow everyday.
Nebraska Landscape


6 thoughts on “Checking the Pivot

  1. Not to mention good looking corn, and an outstanding pivot as well. Of course if you get tired of checking it, it can be set up to call your Iphone if it gets in trouble. 🙂


    • If Brad had an iPhone he might do that. This day he had to check it to make sure it was pumping on the fertilizer at the right rate. Someday a phone will probably do that too.


      • It does, although I’m not real sure on the chemigation rate, on/off we could do 15 years ago. I’n not current (not doing that job anymore) but we could control most things with radio/phone/whatever. Wasn’t even particularly expensive, about $2,000 installed as I recall. I know that after I left, they started using Palms, so I assume there’s an app for that. One of the good thing about Valley pivots.

        It sticks in my mind because I worked with the beta models for Valmont. Those could do nearly anything, if I was smart enough to figure it out, usually I was. Put one of them on a remote bin site, reporting by commercial radio. It was the fun part of the job.


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