When Jesus Wept Review

When Jesus WeptTitle (link to where you can buy the book, which benefits me nothing): When Jesus Wept – Book One in Jerusalem Chronicles
Author: Bodie and Brock Thoene
Published: 2013 by Zondervan who provided me with a free copy of this book for reviewing through BookSneeze.com
Genre: Historical, Christian Fiction
Plot: Explores the lives of Lazarus and Jesus
Setting: Israel from around the start of Jesus’ ministry to his triumphal entry (I’m so curious as to how they start book two in this series.)
What I gained from reading: When Jesus Wept gave me a fresh look at Jesus and a completely new perspective on what was going on in Israel during his life. I also gained new insight into all the passages in the Bible related to vineyards.
What I liked: Way back when I was in high school I read the Zion Chronicles by the Thoenes. I can’t remember much about them because it was so long ago, but I know they were very good. I also remember reading their A.D. Chronicles, also exceptional. This book was no different in it’s quality and goodness, but it is more serious because it has Jesus as a character. I’m so thankful most of the time they have Jesus speaking it is direct quotes from the Bible. For example, you get Jesus walking with Lazarus through Lazarus’ vineyard saying, “I am the vine…”

Lazarus is the main character, and you get his eye witness perspective of Jesus’ baptism, Jesus turning water into wine, Jesus teaching, Jesus healing and forgiving and more. That is all mixed in with Lazarus’ own story. Lazarus personally experiences Jesus’ physical and spiritual healing. Lazarus sees “Jesus was the only knowable form of a God so powerful that none in heaven or earth had ever seen him.” (page 107 on my eBook)

It’s a book worth reading.

What I wasn’t sure about: This is one of those books where you want a run down of what was fiction and what was non-fiction. A few things were obviously fiction but other things seem very much like they were real or based on real, historical events.
My Overall Rating (5 point scale): 4.8

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