Since moving here I have learned that “cane” is grown to feed to cattle. I really didn’t know what cane looked like until this summer when we saw some every time we went up to Grandpa’s to jump on the trampoline.

For those like me, I present to you “cane.”

cane for feedcaneThis week we saw the swather head up to swath the cane. We went up to check it out because our knowledge of swathing needed to be broadened. If yours does too, read on.

Here you have the swather working on some grass next to the cane. SwatherIt cuts the grass or cane or whatever

New Holland Swatherand lays it out in a windrow. Swathing  WindrowWhen the windrow dries out enough, they will bale it. We’re hoping we’re around when the baler comes so we can check that out too. The grass will be dry enough for bales well before the cane, so we have two chances of getting to watch the baler at work. If we get to see it, I’ll do my best to share.


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