2 Years

As of last month, we have been living in our tiny Nebraska town for two years. Our life in Lincoln is starting to feel like it was so long ago.

Life here is not perfect, but I’m finding that I have more days I feel thankful than days that I don’t. I can’t list them all, but here are a few:

-I’m thankful we have several close suppliers of farm fresh eggs. Something about eating an egg that was inside of a brown shell feels healthier than eating one from a white shell.

-I’m thankful I don’t have to leave the house to get my kindergartener to school or to pick her up. I can especially be thankful for this since her time on the bus is not much longer than it would be if we drove.

-I’m thankful for the many, blessed people God has placed in our lives. We have fewer people in our surrounding population but that doesn’t mean great people aren’t there.

-I’m thankful for a yard large enough I can have a garden and for the people who share their garden produce with us. Even though I’m getting a little tired of having tomatoes on my counter, I’m thrilled I’ve hardly had to buy fresh vegetables since April.

-I’m thankful God is still working in our lives.

-I’m thankful I can drive 70 miles in a day and never run into a stop light.

-I’m thankful we live near lakes.

-Last but not least, I’m thankful that after two years our basement finally has trim in it again.


6 thoughts on “2 Years

  1. Be thankful you can let your children go outside and play without worrying every second, that’s impossible in a city.
    Be thankful you know your neighbors.
    Be thankful you can have a dog that gets to run.
    Be thankful you can see the night sky.
    Be thankful that if you miss church, yours is so small (maybe, what do I know?) that someone notices.
    Be thankful that if you get snowed in everything stops and if you have to get out, your husband owns his own snowplow.


  2. My daughter Shelly says she can drive from 156th Street in Omaha to her Grandma’s house in Lyons without a stoplight and that includes going around Fremont, so stoplights are sort of old news everywhere. 🙂


    • You should know my mom and I both had a great laugh at this comment. You may also want to know that I read we had “less than 15% relative humidity” today! Hope your week will be a little less damp.


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