The Lake

raisin toes

Never did I imagine I would spend more than one or two days a year at a lake. So here’s some evidence that you just never know what unexpected thing might be part of your life ten years from now: After going to the lake several times the last couple of summers, I really like it.


Since neither Brad or I grew up “going to the lake,” we’ve been learning outing by outing about how it works. We now have our lake tote packed with some essentials, we are starting to feel less stressed about trying to think of what we need to bring, and going to the lake for an afternoon doesn’t seem like some major, unusual event.

It’s just a relaxing few hours where we get to rub our feet in the sand and talk with friends.

Lake RelaxingEven better, the kids love it too!


My cautious 6 year old’s first time tubing

We hope that yesterday was the last of our 100 plus degree temperature days for the summer, but we are sad that lake days are coming to an end for the year. I already have grand ideas for what we need to add to our “take to the lake” list for next year.


9 thoughts on “The Lake

  1. Was that lake Mac? I LOVE that lake mostly because of the long beaches and shallow (and clear) water – at least it used to be clear – SO glad you have found a lake you love. 🙂 You should go camping there too – or are you the camping type of girl?


    • No, it’s the Sutherland Reservoir. It’s smaller than Lake Mac, but it’s less busy and warmer. We like going to McConaughy too. (Whoever came up with the spelling for that?!) I’m not sure if I’m going to be a camping kind of girl. It’s fun with the right people, but it seems like so much work still.


      • Neither of our families are the camping type, but somehow we managed it and still had fun! I guess you’re the right kind of people to go with:)


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  3. You need a boat. My husband bought one in a blatant attempt to lure the grown children home to visit us. Worked like a charm. I highly recommend it. You’ve got a little time. The kiddoes aren’t quite ready to fly the nest yet. But you’ll be surprised how fast it’ll happen!


    • I’m just hoping for better chairs and a canopy for next summer. Maybe by the time our kids aren’t at home we’ll have worked our way to a boat. Good to know it works for luring the kids home!


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