Blackened Salsa Pictures

Tomatoes Before and after broiling tomatoesWe’re nearing the end of tomatoes season, and I have a very strong like of this salsa. I have two pictures of the process of making Blackened Salsa, just in case you didn’t even want to look at the recipe before because it lacked pictures.

Here you see a before being broiled pan on the right and a broiled pan on the left with an excellent verse to think over in the middle.

TomatoesThen here you have a nice pot of it all blended together. It looks even tastier in jars and on a chip. Blackened Salsa

If you’re now interested in making Blackened Salsa yourself, be sure to check out Joanna’s comments along with the recipe.


3 thoughts on “Blackened Salsa Pictures

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    • I would love to. I don’t think I can get there while I can still make it fresh, but I’ll try to remember and bring you a jar next time we see you. I wish I knew when that would be.


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