Great Company

20130926-125513.jpgMy aunt and grandpa came to visit us last weekend. It was a delightful time. I documented it with iPhone pictures.

My grandpa gave the combine a thorough inspection and gave his approval.
20130926-125254.jpgMy grandpa is a retired dairy farmer. His first combine, which was something he pulled behind a tractor, cost at most a half of what one of the tires cost on this combine.

20130926-125225.jpg 20130926-125401.jpgWe thought we’d give them a real taste of culture and go to a demolition derby. It was a real taste of culture for sure. Note the fancy arena.
demolition derbyThe cars didn’t take too long to get beat up to the point of not running any longer, so we had time to drive around and look at the corn. The mule deer even made themselves part of the country drive.

We did a few other things too, but I’ll just leave you with knowing it was a memorable visit thoroughly enjoyed by all. Next time Grandpa comes to visit or we visit him, I’ll have a pen and paper ready to write down all his stories. He loves to tell them.


Showing Great Grandpa how the iPad works


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