Small Family Farm

You know it’s a SMALL family farm when you can say your dry land corn is already harvested before some people have even started harvesting and when harvesting was a one man show, more like one man with a sidekick actually.


Brad picked the corn,

1688 Case

Case 1688skipped the grain cart step and unloaded right into the semi,

combine and semi

combine unloading into semistopped picking to haul to the elevator, then back to the field to pick some more. This system worked for the dry land. When the pivot is ready, I might have to join the team. I had my first lesson just in case.
20130929-193648.jpgWe may not have a lot of land to farm but a farmer has to start somewhere. We’re so thankful that this corn is out of the field before it has a chance to blow over, that it yielded double what it did last year thanks to actually getting rain, and that our new to us equipment worked with only a few minor adjustments here and there.

Fixing Corn HeaderOn top of that Brad actually got his birthday wish and got to harvest on his birthday!


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