Childhood Memory

Would you please humor me and share a memory of something you enjoyed doing during your childhood?

I’ll explain why in a later post.

I’d share one of mine but I don’t want to taint the results.

Can’t wait to read what you have to say!



28 thoughts on “Childhood Memory

  1. I started to do this a long time ago, but I couldn’t decide what to choose! πŸ™‚ But I think I’ll share about when we would all load up in the pickup and go somewhere with Dad where he was working in the fields or pastures. There was always a blow-out, old dump or ruins of a house to play in or hunt for treasure . . . I still have many of those treasures that I found when I was little.


  2. This is hard for some reason. I’ve been sitting her sort of floating, trying to pick some blissful memory. πŸ™‚ It shouldn’t be that hard. I was painfully shy as a child. So the times I was happiest was when I was just with family and my next door neighbors. I wasn’t squirming with embarrassment around them. Our neighbors had a barn. A big, old fashioned barn with a haymow and we’d play up there. They had a great rope swing that hung down from the peak, really high up and we could swing so far, get so high up on that swing. Playing in that barn was fun. I fell out of one of the windows once and broke my wrist. Still, I loved that barn.


  3. Riding home from school on the bus and the bus driver stopping the bus and telling me to get off and walk home. I was in the 4th grade and found myself humiliated and 1.5 miles from home. I don’t recall being naughty….just a bit hyper. Evidently Mr. Campbell, the bus driver was over sensitive to my energy.


    • Dennis I can NOT picture you EVER being naughty enough to be put off the bus!! I’m shocked!! I bet that bus driver was just having a cranky day!!! πŸ™‚


    • I’m with Joy on this one. I just can’t picture it. How come you’ve never let us know you were a hyper child before this? Do you have no enjoyable moments from childhood, just humiliating ones?


      • It was the only memory that would come to mind–at the time. Oh my, maybe I don’t have any enjoyable childhood memories…maybe I need therapy—I do have an urge to lower my head in shame every time I see a school bus.


  4. Okay, I’ve got one. Oh this is so lame. But remember there were eight of us. It wasn’t that easy to stand out. So herding pigs. I don’t know if you’ve ever herded pigs but you’ve only got to do it once and you find out that herding pigs is the hardest job in the universe. They are sneaky, smart and fast. Dad would get us all out there, all eight of us and try to make a human gate out of us and herd them into whatever it was he wanted them herded into. From the old pen to the new one, or if he was loading them into a pick up to sell or move or whatever. So we’d gotten them all in or moved and ONE got away. Well, yike. That one pig. It would NOT go where we wanted it to go. Not a huge pig, like a dangerous mama sow. It kept breaking through our line of children. We were tight but it just would crash between someone’s legs and escape. So then we’d get around it again and start pushing it back toward the gate it was supposed to go through again and finally it came at me and I just TACKLED it. I jumped on it and held on and would not let go. It kicked and squealed and man oh man can a pig kick and squeal. they are LOUD and those little hooves are sharp. But I was just determined to be DONE with the little varmint and if that meant I went deaf and took a pigfoot in the gut so be it. I picked him up and carried him to where ever he was supposed to go…and he was a good sized pig, not a baby by any means, and just tossed him in.
    Well, I was a hero.
    My father was extremely pleased with me.
    All my brothers and sisters were impressed.
    We were all tired of herding and being defeated by a wily pig.
    Like I said, it wasn’t that easy to get attention out of eight kids, which was mostly good. Mostly it was easy to keep your head down and that’s often a good thing in a chaotic, crowded house.
    But I was hero for the day and I loved it.
    Mary vs the Pig.
    Mary Won
    Lame LOL We get our victories where we can find them.


      • None of them, I’ll bet, the jerks. They’d all just roll their eyes. In fact, they might accuse me of ‘fictionalizing’ my own personal history. Something that I just might do on occasion….by accident of course. My husband likes to say I never let the truth stand in the way of making a story better. But this is exactly how I remember it!!!!!


  5. The thing I enjoyed the most as a child was spending our summer vacation at my Grandparent’s farm in Venango, Nebraska. My Dad who was a preacher would take time off every July to help with wheat harvest. My Uncle who lived there with my grandparents had a dairy so we girls (4 sisters) LOVED to help with the milking and washing up the fancy dairy barn after milking was over. We didn’t realize (I guess) that it was work – we just adored our uncle and wanted to be near him.
    It was so hot there…no air conditioning back then and I suppose there were fans somewhere but not in the room we girls slept in. Our Grandma was ill and so mom made us have “quiet time” every day even though technically we were really too old for naps except for our youngest sister…and we would come up with all kinds of things to do during that “strictly enforced” quiet time.
    I remember tearing old sheets to make nurses hats and mummy-like dresses playing doctor. Our grandma had talked about rolling bandages some time or other so we got the idea to do that and for some reason she had some licorice candy that looked like pills and lots of empty pill bottles. I remember playing doctor many of the afternoons.
    When Grandpa went to town he would buy Hershey bars in a box and 7-up or orange pop by the wooden case full. It would be stored in the basement so it was always cool. Our mom was not a fan of too many treats so she made all 4 of us share a Hershey bar and I’m not sure if we ever got a whole bottle of pop to ourselves. BUT we loved to take our treats upstairs and have a tea party during quiet time. There were tin dishes to play with and an old wooden cupboard. My favorite way to eat my share of the chocolate was to put it in a little tin skillet and pretend to cook it on the window ledge in the sun. There were little metal spoons too and I remember stirring it and licking up every drop; it really was a mess – but I’m sure nothing will ever be sweeter to me than melted Hershey squares at my Grandparent’s house…I love Nebraska…I’d go live there in a minute if we could make a living there. My distant cousin lives in that house now…but I have that little metal skillet at my house on display with my most treasured keepsakes.


    • Isn’t it funny, stirring chocolate in a little tin pan, such a simple thing and you keep the pan and have that precious memory. (at least I didn’t keep the pig!!!)

      Not an iPad or debit card anywhere in those memories. And yet wonderful.

      I hope children today slow down enough to have such sweet memories. I used to, when the kids where driving me crazy (I had strict limits on TV), say, “Go outside and play!”

      Well, they’d fuss and whine and sit on the back porch steps, so booooored.” And before you know it they’d be playing. They say now they’d think of something to do and almost REFUSE to do it because they’d KNOW it was just proving MOM right that they didn’t need me or TV or some THING to entertain them, just their imagination. But in the end they couldn’t stand to just sit there and off they’d go.

      Mom scores again!!!!!!!!!! VICTORY!!!!!!!!! LOL


  6. I have several memories of time with my grandma Williams. One is singing “Bless This House” while we were doing dishes. Another is the smell of her syrup when she made breakfast. I also liked it that she had grapefruit slices from a jar. Another memory at my grandmother’s house was of her giving me a perm. (why would we do that?). My uncle Clifford came in and fussed about how bad it smelled. Mom


  7. Riding on farm calls with my Dad was fun, babysitting was always something I enjoyed, reading a book from cover to cover. I thought of something else this morning but can’t remember it now. πŸ™‚


  8. It is really hard to choose a favorite!
    I have so many fun memories with my siblings and growing up. One of our favorite things to do was to search for the new baby kitties in the barn. You could always tell when they arrived and the mama cats always hid them in the hay of the loft of our barn. We would go up and search for them pretending all sorts of fun scenarios as the years and litters went by. Once we found them we would put them in a box so that we could watch them grow and make sure they knew us well. This also assured that they would be tame and let us play with them and cart them around on our every whim. Oh how we tortured and loved so many cats over all those years!
    We just brought some tame kittens to our new home on the farm, so now I am super excited to be able to share this experience with my own kids!
    Anther memory is the time I tried to teach my sister how to ride her bike without training wheels. We were doing really good just riding in short little spurts on the short drive in front of the house, when I decided that she needed to try and go a little bit farther, so I wanted to send her down the hill that lead to the back of the house and the barn. I figured having the hill would help her keep going. Well, that it did and she didn’t know how to stop…. She ran into the back of my grandpa’s truck sitting at the bottom of the hill with some 2x4s sticking out of it and instead of heading to piano lessons that night like we were supposed to, we ended up going to the hospital for stiches. She still has not let me forget this incident to this day! πŸ™‚ Of course we laugh about it now. On the plus side, she DID learn how to ride her bike!


  9. A very fond memory: takes place around the 4th grade or thereabouts. We had a record player jukebox in the basement. And my mom would treadmill every night to music she punched into the machine. So that I wasn’t upstairs alone, I’d go down and put on my roller blades (the floor was tiled w/o grout…perfect skating conditions.) I’d skate back and forth and back and forth for nearly the entire time she was on the treadmill. I’d sing at the top of my lungs to my favorite songs such as Sweet Pea by tommy roe and black and white by three dog night. They were simple times and simple memories, but they always make me smile.


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  11. One of my best memories is my friendship with #1. my cousin and #2. my friend who lived within a quarter mile of my house. Our three homes were in a sort of triangle and we three would meet at “the corner”. We had a mailbox there and it was so exciting to run up there pell-mell and find mail for me from one of the other two. Somehow the tradition came to be to have Skittles at our sleepovers. Edna, the not-cousin, had a mean dog. ( I think his name was Lassie, rather deceptive!)So visiting their house took some courage and planning and furtive watching over one’s shoulder. He never tasted me but other people fell prey to him!! When I was eleven my cousin Mary ‘s family moved to Mississippi and our threesome was broken up. Edna is unmarried and living in a Central American country taking care of orphan children. I have lost touch with her.It is sad how sometimes our paths separate from the paths of others we love.


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  13. Childhood memories: Skipping, looking for fairy rings and fairies at the bottom of the garden, that’s what my mum used to tell me to do when I was little. Looking for four leaf clovers, climbing trees,swinging on swings. Playing rounders, rollerskating, riding my bike.


  14. What a nice idea! Since I’ve just celebrated my sons birthday and before that crafted decorations for the party together, I’m thinking of the times I spent with my parents as a kid. I used to love it when our dad pulled us in toboggans and then turned so quickly that we flew in the snow, and I remember printing pillow cases and doing statues out of clay with mum. I think all my best memories are about doing something together!


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