What Memories Are My Children Making?

Thanks for sharing your memories. I am not lying when I say that I loved them all. Check the memories out for yourself and see the trends.



Unlimited by time




After having my thoughts were nurtured by conference presenters Cari Ebert and Carol Kranowitz, I’m even more inspired to get my kids outside to just play, to engage their senses, to create and imagine. I’m convinced it’s helping them to learn and to become better learners. I’m less worried about sitting with my preschooler at the table to “do school;” and although I know my time of running kids to activities will come, I’m actually thankful I live 40 or more miles from activities I may have considered enrolling my children in if we lived closer to the event.

Mary must have known what I was thinking when she left this comment.

“Not an iPad or debit card anywhere in those memories. And yet wonderful.
I hope children today slow down enough to have such sweet memories. I used to, when the kids where driving me crazy (I had strict limits on TV), say, “Go outside and play!””

In case you didn’t take the time to go check out the memories yourself, I copied my favorite one for you to read here. Thanks for sharing your southwest Nebraska memory, Joy!

“The thing I enjoyed the most as a child was spending our summer vacation at my Grandparent’s farm in Venango, Nebraska. My Dad who was a preacher would take time off every July to help with wheat harvest. My Uncle who lived there with my grandparents had a dairy so we girls (4 sisters) LOVED to help with the milking and washing up the fancy dairy barn after milking was over. We didn’t realize (I guess) that it was work – we just adored our uncle and wanted to be near him.

It was so hot there…no air conditioning back then and I suppose there were fans somewhere but not in the room we girls slept in. Our Grandma was ill and so mom made us have “quiet time” every day even though technically we were really too old for naps except for our youngest sister…and we would come up with all kinds of things to do during that “strictly enforced” quiet time.

I remember tearing old sheets to make nurses hats and mummy-like dresses playing doctor. Our grandma had talked about rolling bandages some time or other so we got the idea to do that and for some reason she had some licorice candy that looked like pills and lots of empty pill bottles. I remember playing doctor many of the afternoons.

When Grandpa went to town he would buy Hershey bars in a box and 7-up or orange pop by the wooden case full. It would be stored in the basement so it was always cool. Our mom was not a fan of too many treats so she made all 4 of us share a Hershey bar and I’m not sure if we ever got a whole bottle of pop to ourselves. BUT we loved to take our treats upstairs and have a tea party during quiet time. There were tin dishes to play with and an old wooden cupboard. My favorite way to eat my share of the chocolate was to put it in a little tin skillet and pretend to cook it on the window ledge in the sun. There were little metal spoons too and I remember stirring it and licking up every drop; it really was a mess – but I’m sure nothing will ever be sweeter to me than melted Hershey squares at my Grandparent’s house…I love Nebraska…I’d go live there in a minute if we could make a living there. My distant cousin lives in that house now…but I have that little metal skillet at my house on display with my most treasured keepsakes.”


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