New Side Job

Yesterday was a big day. The countdown for baby hit less than three digits, and I now have combine driving on the list of things I have done in my life. Look for yourself and see some of the corn I picked going into the grain cart and sitting in the semi.
Combine Unloading

Corn HarvestI did not have to unload and drive at the same time since we were just a two man operation. Development of that skill may get to wait until another year. I picked approximately 32 rows of corn with only one big error that shall remain nameless, and then we had to stop because it was too wet, the kernels that is – not the weather.

I didn’t master much in my 32 rows. Here a picture I took while I was stopped because the light came on for the bin being full, and I had no idea if I could make it to the end of the row or not.

Combine Corn Header

Here I am trying to figure out what snout to put into what row so I am lined up appropriately. I find it to be a challenging task and am thankful I was picking corn while no one was around to see.

Corn Harvest

Just because he’s cute, if you look closely in the following picture, you can see Wyatt. He has a look of “I wish I could be in the combine, but Dad won’t let me because Mom’s driving.”



6 thoughts on “New Side Job

  1. you are a real trouper! I’m proud of you! I’ve done a little combine driving and can relate to the difficulty of ‘”lining up”. I think after a while (MUCH MORE than 32 rows) one does it automatically, with none of that panicky last-minute scrambling. =]


  2. I too learned how to run the combine when I was pregnant. I couldn’t stand to be in the heat at the bins during wheat harvest, so they put me in the air conditioned combine. I still run it today, 10 years later. It does get easier with practice and I am much better if my husband is not anywhere near. šŸ˜‰


    • I hope it gets easier if I still have the job in 10 years. After seven hours in that thing one day this week, I felt like I had ran 7 miles without training, and those were mostly hours without my husband around!


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