Fabulous Harvest Lunch

harvest mealsI haven’t had to even think about taking meals to a harvest crew this year, but look what my friend (pregnant with three young children!) put together for her harvest crew. It’s full of fabulous ideas. If someone made a calendar of Nebraska farm wives, they should consider putting this lunch maker on it.


3 thoughts on “Fabulous Harvest Lunch

  1. My husband farms in NE too, and at this point I can’t even imagine trying to wrangle 1 yo twins, make a meal, AND bring it out to the field for the guys. Luckily my MIL is pretty amazing to be still doing that for them!


  2. I’m big into pots of soup. They reheat fast. I don’t take food out to the field. He eats when he comes through. But I do try to make it fast and easy for him when he comes through. The rest of the year, outside of planting and harvest, he does most of the cooking. I’ve got about five really good soup recipes that I make a lot. I try not to over-do it so we won’t get tired of them. The one I made two nights ago is a real favorite. We call it tortilla soup and it is crazy fast and easy.


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