My Story

I have been lacking in the ability to post meaningful content of late. I’m sure it has something to do with all the brain power being absorbed by my belly. Thankfully, other bloggers are still posting life changing content.

I have been catching myself thinking about how I want others to think about me lately, and Jess’s post about being defined by Christ was just what I needed to read. Follow that link and read it for yourself.

My favorite part of that post is this, “…No matter what you’ve been through and who you’ve been, there are now three events that define who you are. When you trusted in Christ, you died with Christ, you were raised from the dead with Christ, and you ascended with Christ and are seated with him in the heavenly places. His story has become the story of your life…” (Nancy Guthrie, Abundant Life)

If you’re still looking for more inspiring blog content, I’d recommend reading these:

The Long Game

Fun, Fuzzy Surprise


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