Heart of the Country Review

heartofthecountryTitle and Author: Heart of the Country by Rene Gutteridge & John Ward – Rene wrote the novel based off of John’s screenplay
Published: 2013 by Tyndale House Publishers, who provided me with a copy of this book so I could review it for you
Genre and Setting: Christian Fiction occurring in present day New York and North Carolina
Plot: When Faith and Luke’s fairy tale life goes for a tailspin, they both return to their respective homes as prodigals…
My Thoughts: Both the book and movie are tear jerkers. Elliana just saw the last part of the movie and was crying right along with me. If I were you, I’d pick reading the book over watching the movie. I appreciate that the movie was clean, but it left out a lot of the things I really liked in the book. If you’re tempted to watch the movie, just read the book too. (Take my movie thoughts worth a grain of salt because I’m not a big movie watcher.)
My first encounter with Gutteridge’s writing was reading her Boo series. (Mentioning that makes this a fitting Halloween post.) The books in that series are light hearted and humorous reads. Heart of the Country is much more serious and emotional and reminded me nothing of the Boo books, except that it also shows Gutteridge to be a talented author. She did a remarkable job of turning the screenplay into a solid novel. You read the story from the perspective of mainly five different characters, which the chapter titles telling you which characters’ perspective you’re reading. It sometimes made you have to think a little harder when reading but worked really well for all the different story lines. It was another book that was hard to put down once I started reading it.
One of the lines I liked most in the book was on page 234. “Life hurts. But running parallel with all of its burdens and griefs are blessings and delight.” Oh how I need to pay better attention to the blessings and delights when I feel like I’m surrounded by burdens and grief!
A little later in the story on page 301, Faith’s turning point was so well stated. “…I got down on my knees. Not physically, but in my heart. I surrendered because what else could I do? Trust what this life was giving me? Everything that gave me happiness was temporary, and all that was rooted deeper could be pulled up….I realized I was nothing more than a vapor in the wind, no more than a blade of grass that withers under the sun. I could do nothing to save my mom. Or my dad. Or my marriage.
I was weak.
But I knew there was one who was strong. I knew nothing in my life that hadn’t passed through His hand first.”
My Overall Rating for the book (5 point scale): 4.6

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