The Combine Vacuum

IMG_8119Despite what it may look like, we don’t force our children to work and then not provide them with pajamas that fit or are appropriate for the current season. They have the warm, appropriately fitting pajamas. They just don’t always pull those out of the drawer, and I’m just slow at times with getting the too small of clothes out of the drawer. As for the work, Wyatt wanted to vacuum, and then Elliana decided she didn’t want to be left out of the fun.

Wyatt likes to do a lot of things to help at home because he pretends he’s harvesting.

To Wyatt the vacuum is a combine. He harvests rows of corn; and also despite what the picture shows, he usually does keep the header down. I just finish up with the end rows when he gets done with the back and forth rows.

Our silverware and utensil drawers are semi trucks. He unloads clean utensils into them from the “grain cart.”

The wash machine is the combine, which gets augered into the grain car and then augered into the semi. That semi can sit a while with a full load that needs to be folded.

I don’t think of this stuff. He does.

And of course, the fork he eats with is a combine.

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I'm blogging to glorify God by educating you about farming and telling you what God's doing in my life in the small (we're talking village) town in which I live.

4 thoughts on “The Combine Vacuum

  1. Now you know why they say once a farm boy always a farm boy! I just wish when they grow up and get a real combine they would still empty out the dishwasher!!!


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