God Did It

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting older, a stage of life, or just the reality of life; but it seems the last few years we’ve been praying for some God sized answers to God sized problems.

I often wonder why God doesn’t move quickly in these situations and sometimes I wonder if He’s ever going to show up. That’s when I need the reminder to quit trying to make sense of it all and just have faith and to remember how He has worked in some of those God sized problems.

Here are two reminders that He is able.

1. Our friends who needed to find a place to live, sent a text saying they are getting to buy their dream spot that they’d never thought they’d own. All they can say is “God did it.”

One great thing about having to wait to actually see what God is doing is that when we finally get to see His work, it is often amazingly clear that He was working all along and we’re left with only being able to say, “God did it.”

2. That’s the case with another set of our friends who you may have also prayed for in the past years. The post I linked to was written a year and a half ago and in that I stated, they were “years into a trial they have to trust God with constantly.” We are now celebrating that within a month, they will get to meet their God sized answer to a God sized prayer.



5 thoughts on “God Did It

  1. Amen. Praise Him! We are still in awe at how He managed the ‘impossible’ at just the right time. And congratulations to Brad and Shelley, is it? whom we’ve never met. I remember Elliana talking about them and how they wished God would send them a baby. Thank you for a meaningful post.


  2. As a woman who wrote for ten years before she got her first book published and had that book come out in February, and had her baby graduate from high school in May, I could suddenly see that it was the perfect time. That God had perfectly given me a season of life to raise my children and a season of life with time to pursue my writing, have time to travel and go to book signings and commit myself to promoting my books without neglecting my little ones.
    But man oh man it was hard to see that when I was in the middle of WAITING for those books to find a publisher!!!


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