Christmas This and That

1. You have until December 6 if you want to send a Christmas letter to an American hero.

2. If you need a gift idea for a sewer or a crafter in your life, consider checking out Fabric Worm. A crafty friend recommended it when I was looking for fabric ideas for a baby quilt, and it just about makes me want to start sewing.

3. As for a gift idea for a young child in your life, look into Kiwi Crate. They are fun, educational and quality. If you’re looking more for older kids, Focus on the Family has a great deal going on right now on their Adventures in Odyssey CDs.

4. If you need an gift idea for a farmer in your life, maybe find another farmer you know to ask what they’ve gotten that they really liked. I’d be asking but we’re giving each other carpet for Christmas. If you think your farmer would like some huge wrenches, Brad found a good deal on a set of these:

Huge Wrench

I’m off to go try and find a good Cyber Monday deal. Hurry and let me know if you know of a good one.


2 thoughts on “Christmas This and That

  1. I’m getting my grandkids, which are just a bit younger than your kids, Julie, a trampoline, a small indoors one, for Christmas. Hopefully they don’t get hurt, but I predict they’ll have fun…and fight over turns. Maybe a timer to take turns? Trouble somes with the gift!


    • That’s a great idea! If they have to fight over it that just means they really like it, right? You’re providing them with yet another opportunity to learn how to get along with others. – I’m right in the middle of reading Swept Away. It’s a good one!


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