Swept Away Review

I know I just reviewed a book not long ago, but I thought you may need another idea of a book to read if you’re stuck inside because of FREEZING weather outside.
Swept AwayTitle and Author: Swept Away (1st book in Trouble In Texas Series) by Mary Connealy (If you missed me saying it before, she is NEBRASKA born and raised and still lives in our fine state. She is also a farmer/rancher’s wife.)
Published: 2013 by Bethany House Publishers – This one they did not donate to me to review. My mom loaned it to me because we make it a point to read all of Mary Connealy’s books.
Genre and Setting: Romantic Fiction, 1868 in Texas
Plot: A romance between Ruthie and Luke is formed in the middle of a Luke’s plan to get his ranch back and revenge his father’s death.
My Thoughts: I think every Connealy novel I’ve read would make an interesting Western movie, and this one is no different. This book the main plot is really not the romance but the conflict between Luke and the man who stole his father’s ranch. The suspense in the story is related to how Luke and his friends are going to get the ranch back and never really about if Luke and Ruthie are going to hook up. I liked it that way, especially since you get to see the couple happily together for most of the story instead of just at the end. Even though you know how the romance ends up well before the end of the book, you’ll still want to read to the end. At the climax of the plot, Connealy does an excellent job of writing the gun fight scene that happens in the middle of the small western town, and I’m not just saying that because she comments on my blog. 🙂

To give you a taste of Connealy’s witty writing style, here is an excerpt.

“Glynna had fretting down to an art form.
She was sure there were Bible verses about never being afraid, and others about never worrying. Well, she was doing both and mixing that up with prayers for forgiveness, so in an unfortunate way her worry about worrying and her fears about being afraid were sins on top of just her plan worries and fears.
She suspected God wasn’t impressed.” (page 212)

My Overall Rating for the book (5 point scale): 4.5


4 thoughts on “Swept Away Review

  1. Hello Julie, I am a big time Mary Connealy fan too and have all her books except one that is written by her under a pen name – more of a suspense one – Love each and every one of them!!! A GREAT way to spend my reading time! 🙂 Anyway – I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately – praying for you too! Hope you are staying warm these cold days! Love you, Joy


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