To Do Lists, Farm Magazines, Carpet

I do not wonder why God had a wise woman at church this Sunday tell me about how she has been learning to not be stressed by all the things she needs to get done in a day. She is learning to ask God to help her get done what needs to get done. I really needed to hear that on a week when my house has had moments of looking like this:
20131210-125423.jpgand like this:20131211-165834.jpgWe have obviously not yet decorated for Christmas.

When you’ve worked all morning at tearing staples out of the floor and making and cleaning up after lunch seems like more than you can possibly handle, you hit the gas station/farmer hangout/convenience store for lunch. While my guys wait for their food, they always check out magazines full of farm equipment for sale that are sitting around the tables.

20131210-125257.jpgThey did not pose for that picture. You’re looking at real life, small town Nebraska right there.

Anyone want some old carpet?


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