Pair of Bald Eagles

It would’ve been a great day to have a super zoom lens and to know something about photography. When we were driving by Lake Ogallala today, I had my first ever bald eagle sighting. I hear they’re often near there, but I’ve never seen them – until today.
Lake Ogallala Bald EaglesThe hill in the picture is actually part of the the dam creating the 26 mile long Lake McConaughy.  Bald Eagles Pair of Bald Eagles


4 thoughts on “Pair of Bald Eagles

  1. Very cool! At the Raptor Show today, one gentleman said that he saw 15 at the dam this morning. We saw one flying very low in front of our car when we went to my parents’ last Saturday – there is one that lives in a grove of trees on their land south of the house. August saw it last summer with James, but I have not until last week. Very, very cool!


  2. We’ve sighted several also in the past week or two. One pair was in a tree by the South Platte near Paxton. And Travis says that Sim will now have to be an indoor cat exclusively because there are bald eagles in the valley!!! And coyotes. And mountain lions. So he says…


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