Unmanned Cars

I read a blog post this week from a police officer warning people that they are tempting thieves to take their car when they start it to warm it up and leave it running in the driveway.

Do you suppose he would think I’m crazy because I leave my car unlocked and running on main street when I go into the post office? What do you think he’d say if he knew I have left my vehicle running on these cold days when I need to go into a neighboring small town’s grocery store for just a few items?

Amazing how crazy you become after a few short years of small town life.


One thought on “Unmanned Cars

  1. Think he’d think we were crazy that we had to get keys made for our house when we sold it, the bank insisted. We never bothered in the 5 years we lived there! 🙂

    Don’t tell anyone, but there’s a reason for living out here!


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