Fly Across Nebraska

I promise baby related posts will be coming soon; but in the mean time, I found 2 quick and highly interesting Nebraska things to share with you.

1. Have you seen pictures of minion hay bales?

2. Odyssey Through Nebraska shared this impressive you tube video of Nebraska for her 200th blog post. It gives a great snapshot of all Nebraska in three minutes.


7 thoughts on “Fly Across Nebraska

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    • Because what you had to say about it was so interesting, I’m quoting you here. “At the 1:36 mark is CAR HENGE which is just hilarious and at 2:20 is Fort Atkinson which isn’t too far from my place. I spend a morning there this fall and wrote several blog posts about it. A restored 1820 Frontier fort, yes 1820, long before the westward migration. They were really alone out here! the next town was St. Louis, Missouri.” Makes me want to go check out that fort!


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