Little Lambs

Little LambIt is calving season for many in Nebraska, and it is also lambing season for those who want a sheep to show at the fair in the summer. We stopped by to look at the cute, new lambs in my brother-in-law/sister-in-law’s barn. They really are very cute.

This is one of the newest under a heat lamp. They have to trap them in with their mama when they’re brand new. Newborn LambHere’s one that’s a few days older with his mama, who looks a little rough due to a dog who was wanting lamb chops. Nursing LambThe little creatures are very friendly and playful. They’re all born black but start turning white as their wool grows. Black SheepHere you have a mama named Cutie. She was supposed to have her baby two days ago. I told her from my experience that she would feel much better once she has her baby, but if she doesn’t want to be as bothered by this bitterly cold spell, staying pregnant is one way to do that. Pregnant EweIf you’re looking for a sheep to show at the fair, I know someone who might be able to sell you one.


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