More Little Lambs

Sheep PenOn what feels like the only nice day we’ve had in a few weeks, we went to check on the lambs again. LIttle Lamb FaceNow they have 17 or 18 (where’s my memory?) little lambs.

SheepThe lambs all had their tails banded, which actually just means they had a rubber band tied on tight enough that the tail will soon fall off. No tail means less chance of infection. You can see the bands if you look.

Banded Tails

They were all outside, but so we could see and touch the lambs better they separated them from their mommas by chasing them into the barn. The little girls tried to act as a human gate to keep them in the barn.

IMG_8635The mommas were not really happy with this arrangement.

EwesWyatt wasn’t sure about being in close proximity to the little critters, but by the end they were nibbling on his hat and he was smiling about it.

20140303-202708.jpgThey showed us how they leap off of the hay bales too, which would bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Like I said before, if you’re looking for a lamb to show at the fair, I can hook you up.



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