Cattle Truck

The reason I didn’t post more about that cow nose: IMG_8699As for that nose,

cow noseIt’s much more interesting than the tail.

cow tail

Brad thought I should crop out the truck so you would wonder how I managed to get that close to a cow.

close up cow nose

That version does show you the snot running down that nose much better.

The lesson in this is to know that many times in life we have things we need to be thankful for and we don’t even know what they are. On the occasion where I came across a parked cattle truck on my walk and had my camera with me, I had two different people let me know things I should be thankful for that I never would’ve thought of on my own.

IMG_8679The first was when the driver of the truck returned to it. I was taking pictures of the mess on the top rack of the truck. Did you know there are two layers of cows in a full cattle truck? cattle truckThe driver let me know I should be thankful that nothing from one of those cows dropped on me while I was taking that picture. Oh my! That thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. He made me very thankful.

Then later Brad informed me that I should be thankful that the cow didn’t blow snot all over my lens!

Apparently, I’m cattle ignorant, but I am thankful.


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