I love Spring. I won’t be surprised if every year I have this blog I post a picture of our first daffodil. This one appeared yesterday.


I love spring because I love watching trees bud out and leaves return to rose bushes. I get excited about planting lettuce and anticipating when the asparagus will appear. Farmers get all antsy about getting into the field.

What I find I like best about spring is the reminder of God’s faithfulness. He’s always there. If I feel like my heart is in the dead of winter, He’s there and will bring showers of refreshing. He’s as dependable as the return of spring and the sun coming up in the morning.

Think on that when you start seeing your spring flowers start to bloom.


3 thoughts on “Spring

  1. My daffodils are up, but no blooms yet, not even any buds. And it’s been TWENTY this week so I hope the poor things wait just a bit longer until it stops being cold…(like TWO MONTHS!)


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