Moving Vehicles

Do you  know why farming doesn’t work well as a one man job? Maybe the better question would be ‘Do you know one of a farmer’s wife’s side jobs?’

A farmer doesn’t drive his tractor home every day. What this boils down to is something like this:

– Two vehicles drive to the field, the farmer in one and his escort in the other.
– The farmer gets escorted back to the tractor; or if the escort is me, he drives back to the tractor while the escort relaxes.
– The farmer drives his tractor or other piece of farm machinery to the field.
– He drives his pickup home and back to the tractor until he’s done with that field or the fields close by.
– He drives his tractor to his next field.
– The escort comes to take him back to his pickup…


This can also be known as “moving fields.” I had no idea this was part of farm life when I moved out here. It’s not my favorite part of being a farmer’s wife.


4 thoughts on “Moving Vehicles

  1. Ah …. I’ve done a lot of that in my time. Not as a wife, but as a daughter. It was a good chance to practice the stickshift when we were little! I think it is definitely a pay-by-the-hour job, don’t you think?!? 🙂


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