Rainy Day

I’d almost forgot what a rainy day was like, until today. We’re nothing like Seattle here. Here are my top 5 reasons why we love a rainy day during planting season.

1. It might help cut down on the dust. When you’re lacking in moisture, trackers going through a field make A LOT of dust. I couldn’t even risk rolling down the window to take this picture so you’ll just have to try and appreciate the friendly farmer waving with all the dust behind him with the window glare/reflection.

dusty2. The wheat was turning blue. Now with some moisture when the sun comes out it might be back to a luscious green.

3. Whatever corn was already planted is now getting watered! Like this one…

planted pivot4. My farmer can’t plant or spray on a rainy day. This busy time has just begun, but I was already ready for a break from crazy farmer hours. Without rain he’s typically gone before the sun is up and home after it’s down.

5. Basically the summary of points 1-4: We needed the rain!


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