Other Duties As They Arise

Yesterday morning I dropped the big kids off at the building, so they could hang out there with Brad while I went on a walk. Brad says, “Can you help with on the combine?”

Uhhhhhh “Sure.”

“Just pull this board out and I’m going to … (blah, blah, blah) and then put the board back in.”

Uhhhhhh “Ok.”

See that 2x4 up there?

See that 2×4 up there?

That green strap was there to help keep the auger from smashing Brad if I didn’t do my job right. I managed to pull the board out and put it back in when I was supposed to, but the auger got stuck on something so I was released to go on my walk.

When I got back, he’d made some progress, but I got to help some more.

I got to put on some “sturdy” gloves and help get the auger from here (upright and still in the shaft)combine augerto here (out of the shaft and horizontal to the ground). Brad is going to put some flighting on the auger (or something like that) and then I might get to put on those sturdy gloves again and help to put it back.


All in a days work.


4 thoughts on “Other Duties As They Arise

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