May Day

I know it is now the end of June already, but this post has been brewing since May Day. I love May Day and when it comes I always want to go deliver May Baskets. I just didn’t have my act together this year, unlike one of our neighbors. Their May basket was puppy chow and this little homemade hamburger. What an adorable and tasty treat! I wouldn’t be able to pull that off even if I did have my act together.

vanilla wafer hamburger

The problem is that when you live in a village, less than a handful of houses have May basket delivering age of children; so when we didn’t have our act together, it felt like we really let down the village kids.

On top of that, I’ve been feeling like I lack in purpose of late and feel like I should do something to help our village other than getting my act together for May Day next year. I was feeling this way so much so that when I saw the sign saying that they needed a volunteer for the village board for three months, I actually said I would volunteer. I could do my part to make this world a better place!

Then the next day I walked into the post office and saw a sign that said the village board would be meeting that week about some refinancing issue. I envisioned myself grudgingly walking to the meeting since I’d have to give up my evening for it, and then sitting there with some guys that I really don’t know and having nothing at all to say.

I then realized I was missing my calling and un-volunteered. I still don’t know what I can do to help our village, but I know sitting in a meeting where they’re discussing refinancing of loans related to the drainage system is not where I’m going to be of help.

At this point, I better just focus on Halloween treats and litter patrol.

hamburger cookie


2 thoughts on “May Day

  1. Do you have a library in town? If not, start a Little Free Library.
    If you scroll to the bottom of this Brenda Anderson blog post (link below) you can see a picture of Charlotte Endorf’s little free library (I know Charlotte, interesting fun lady), look at all the cool ‘mailboxes’ designed based on what books are in them. You could paint and/or do woodwork, get the word out for donated books, spend a few minutes every week checking on the books to sort through them.
    Brenda Anderson is a friend too, you’ll see I commented on this blog post.
    If you have a library, start a book club. Reading hour for the kids either in the library or at your church. (I’m a little book centric aren’t I?) The truth is you are a crazy busy woman right now (just guessing) And raising beautiful, faithful children is the best thing you can ever do.


    • The Feed Store in town actually has quite a collection of books. I should go look to see if they have any of yours! I really like your idea of having a reading hour for the kids in the neighborhood. I’m going to mull that one over. Thanks for the ideas!


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