Ponca State Park

Nebraska wildflower

The diversity of landscape in Nebraska amazes me. We live in a rather flat, semi desert. We’re not far from sandhills. East of us is no where near desert like. Then in the northeast you can find a deciduous forest.

photoIt is gorgeous even with the mosquitoes thriving in it. I hear it was even recommended by Midwest Living.IMG_9268

We got to soak up this pretty portion of Nebraska on a quick weekend trip to Ponca State Park. For location of this park, think of where Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota come together, because at one point in the park you can see all three.


I grew up going to Ponca State Park. We would ride our bikes there from our house. You’d think I would’ve remembered how hilly it was since I had to walk my bike up some of the hills. It all came back once I saw it again.

I do remember hiking the trails at the park. It was fun as a kid and as an adult.

Ponca State ParkThe park has changed some since I was there many years ago, but I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a short family vacation, especially if you can reserve one of the newer “green” cabins.

I predict you’ll enjoy it even if you don’t get to spend your time there with top notch people like we did.


IMG_9235 20140703-070028-25228498.jpgWe’re taking recommendations for the state park we should explore next year.


5 thoughts on “Ponca State Park

  1. Have you ever been to Fort Robinson? I want to go there so badly. 8 hour drive from here, though. But long horns and buffalo and wagon train rides, I’d love to see all of that.


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