Farm Girl First

After we had front row seats to some bright, noisy fireworks last night,

20140705-130435-47075730.jpgthe kids and I had to check the pivot for Brad today. He is overly busy spraying, which I really should blog about someday.

20140705-130119-46879372.jpgIt was Liza’s first time checking a pivot. It was running.

center pivotWe also had to make sure the dripper was dripping, even though I don’t know why. We also had to make sure the fertilizer was being pumped on at the right rate by seeing how much was remaining.

cone bottom

Another other duty as assigned completed.




4 thoughts on “Farm Girl First

  1. To shed a little light on what the purpose of the “dripper” is, it’s the little regulation device for the oil that keeps the pump bearings lubricated. There’s usually a small tank for the bearing oil mounted beside the big motor, which feeds the oil through the dripper and down a small tube to the pump itself at the bottom of the well shaft. Great post, I can really relate to this one almost every day during the season! 🙂


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