Spraying Numbers

Spraying wheat

Some mystery person spraying wheat – not Brad

The intense spraying season is over because the corn is now starting to tassel and is too tall for a sprayer to drive over it. Before that happened was crazy in my opinion.

In around 3 weeks time, Brad sprayed over 8,500 acres. That’s under half of what he’ll spray this year.

Consider that he didn’t spray on days it was raining, on days after a good rain (because he didn’t want to get stuck in a field) and on days when the wind was blowing more than 17mph (give or take a few depending on what was around the field he was spraying).

He had his alarm set for 2 different times: 3:45 or 4:15 (if he needed to sleep in).

If the weather cooperated and things went without a hiccup, he would end his day between 8 and 9 pm.

The black tank on his sprayer trailer holds 3200 gallons of water. On a day full of spraying, he would have to refill it in the middle of the day.

A sprayer report for a field has a chart that might look like this on it:
Halex            4pts/acre          80 gal
Status           2.5oz/acre       400 oz
Atra              .6#/acre            96#
Class Act     1 gal/100          16 gal
Water           10/gal              1600

I would have to annoy Brad with many questions if I wanted to explain that.


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