The same day I told you about checking the dripper, I took these two pictures standing in the same place. I just turned 180 degrees.  compaction20140705-130336-47016154.jpgAs you can see in the top picture, this is right near the road and right by the place we turn into the field with the tractor, semi, combine, and pick up. Corn doesn’t like growing there because the ground gets driven on a lot and gets compacted. (This part of the field doesn’t get irrigated well either so that doesn’t help matters.)

Some farmers don’t like cattle to graze their fields because they cause some compaction. I have learned not to park on a field unless it’s necessary, to drive tractors and combines on the most direct route possible, and certainly don’t go park a vehicle in someone else’s field. We wouldn’t want to compact someone else’s dirt now, would we?!




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