Parts Pricing

I picked up some “parts” for Brad when I was in the big town today.

Guess how much I had to pay for those 3 things: graphite lubricant, a control valve, and a “kit.”


4 thoughts on “Parts Pricing

  1. I see they are ‘Green’ boxes, and so the real stuff, so I will say < $1K, although likely not a whole lot less than. Nearly as bad as groceries anymore! 🙂


      • That’s an interesting thought. At the margin, it would of course, although it would be very minor. It does of course, make a difference in the cost of production but, farmers, almost alone anymore, seem to understand that doing it once, right, is cheaper than doing it multiple times cheaply, and so the more expensive part, may well be cheaper.

        Thing is, in food production, especially grain, transportation has always outweighed almost every other cost. It still does.

        One of the stranger things I read this week was on Scottish independence. The whisky makers, who are a substantial part of the economy (concentrated grain, right there, that’s why the bourbon makers are in KY and TN) are apparently worried that independence will increase their cost of production (they import European grain!) while imposing tariff on their exports which would become everywhere but Scotland.

        But for us, I sort of doubt it. What farmers get out of farming is what? At most 10% of the price of groceries, a bit more where we’ve managed to brand it, like ‘Nebraska Beef’ but processing and transportation have much more to do with it, I’m afraid.


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