My Little Garden

I thought it would be fun to take a picture of my little garden every two weeks because a garden changes so much throughout the garden season. I did a great job at the beginning getting my pictures every two weeks, and then for some reason(s) I can’t put my finger on it felt like I lost all control and organization in life. As you will see, my garden reflects this craziness. Every two weeks went out the window. God is a God of order, so I’m fighting to get things back in control without becoming even more control freakish than I already am. Where is the balance?!

So I can quit trying to remember to take a picture of my garden every two weeks, here are the pictures up today. You will see no more after this.




4 thoughts on “My Little Garden

  1. Actually I thought it looked really good! The straw between plants is probably the best thing you can do for the plants and yourself – but I’m guessing you know that. 🙂 The thing I have found over the years is that real live gardens are NEVER like the magazine pictures – or nobody would want to garden. Real gardens like real kids take a LOT of work!! I pulled my green beans just over a week ago. I have gotten what we needed, I was tired of picking them, and they were starting to look real scroungy – our tomatoes did just what yours did this year – sorta looked like the vines were dying from the bottom up, and just didn’t produce all that well. We pulled 6 of our 8 tomato plants when we pulled the green beans because there were no more tomatoes on them anyway. The last 2 have some small ones but we’ll let them get ripe before we pull those. I think you are off to a GREAT start!! I know you’ve had plants before too but it’s all kind of an experiment to see what works for you. Some things are just worth buying at the Farmer’s Market. ha!!


  2. I like the Sept. 15 picture. It has beauty even if it isn’t in neat rows. And I would ;love your beans if I lived closer! Never got my fill of fresh…


    • I wish I would’ve thought of this on Tuesday. I would’ve brought you some. If I get many more, I’ll get them to you. They’re starting to think they’ve done enough work for the season.


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