If You Marry A Farmer…

My mom sent me this newspaper clipping written by a “town kid” married to a farmer.  – If you marry a farmer, you learn lots of new skills.  It’s an adorably written article by Michelle Cwach.

I can relate to it on many levels. “…it suddenly becomes very clear just how much you don’t know,” or today when moving vehicles from field to field and getting to drive on this trail road.


trail roadI declare trail road driving to be a skill and I think it’s just one of the meaning things she was thinking about when she said, “navigating the road of country living can be a bit…bumpy.” Quite bumpy indeed.

Thanks for the article, Mom!



2 thoughts on “If You Marry A Farmer…

  1. And we wouldn’t trade farm life for anything…..well…..
    Except for
    A job with regular hours
    A job with steady, predictable pay.
    A job that doesn’t send you out in the freezing cold and stifling heat.
    A job with ZERO MANURE, which is really a strange thing to have to deal with honestly!
    A life with nice shopping nearby
    A home near a movie theater and a choice of churches/restaurants/friends/relatives/doctors/hospitals within easy driving distance


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