I took these great before and after pictures of my sink and toilet on my phone. I cleaned off the hard water build up that had been there for over three years with Blue Monster’s Open Mesh Abrasive Cloth. WOW! Slick and not that hard! My water dispenser on my refrigerator even looks like new because of it. Sadly, Wyatt was being helpful and deleted the pictures of the “toilet and sink water” because he didn’t see why I would want them on my phone. You’ll just have to take my word for it.   Did you know there’s a recently deleted album? The lost is found.

This is after I had cleaned the right side. It all looked like the left side before I started. Half Clean SinkAfter:
Sink Cleaning Tip I learned about that trick at a Norwex party. I am on the verge of becoming a Norwex believer. It’s like magic.

Now if you’re starting to think about Christmas I have two books you might want to consider.

The Christmas Story For Children

The Christmas Story For Children by Max Lucado, Randy Frazee, and Karen Davis Hill is a solid, Biblical telling of the Christmas story. It starts with a brief description of the Jews waiting for their Promised One, includes Jesus’ birth (obviously!), and goes on to tell about His baptism and the start of His ministry. It reads like a story for school age children, yet feels like it is taken right out of the Bible. The cover picture above gives a good idea of what the illustrations are like throughout the book. Children could gain many great truths from this book, and you can get the book for $5 to $7 depending on where you look! That’s a great gift idea if you ask me. Thank you to BookLook Bloggers for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book. We will read it many, many times.

Your family in pictures

Your Family In Pictures by Me Ra Koh could be another great Christmas gift idea for the photographer wanna be on your Christmas list. It is the third photography book written by Me Ra Koh, but it could easily stand alone as a helpful photography guide. She lists simple to understand yet very helpful ideas in bullet points and includes a lot of pictures to get ideas from and as examples. I think the best part of the book, which is actually about two thirds of it, is how she organizes her ideas and thoughts into categories like daily events, holidays, individuals (i.e., mom, dad, tweens, etc.), portraits, and vacations. In the specific sections of each category she has a how to guide with these bullet points – When, Prep, For P&S Users, For DSLR Users, Compose and Capture. For example, in the Everyday Life Chapter, she has eight different everyday events (Saturday mornings, Mealtime, Heart of the Home, Video Games, Backyard Fun, Outdoor Sports, Out and About, and Bedtime Rituals). For each of those events she has the specific easy to refer to guide. Extremely handy and helpful for learning! I hope I will be able to use it and that something from it will stick in my brain. Thank you to Blogging for Books for this review copy.




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