So There I Was…

Brad and his sidekick Wyatt have started picking corn. I texted once to see how it was going and Brad actually put the word “Awesome!” in a text. That’s saying a lot people.

Right before he started picking corn, my help was needed. Liza and I went over really early in the morning for our first job of helping to get something put back together on the feeder house.

IMG_1654Then later that day, right as I was about ready to make dough for some runzas, we were needed again. This big thing below, which I think he calls the feeder house, needed to get back onto the combine.

Feeder HouseAfter Brad reminded me how to start the combine, I drove so he could line things up and get it put back in place.

This was my view.

IMG_1660Part of the time Brad stood where I could see him and told me what to do. The thought crossed my mind that I never once imagined this scenario happening when I married him over a decade ago.IMG_1661 Some of the time when I was moving this machine forward, I couldn’t see him at all and could’ve been about ready to run over him for all I knew. Clearly, that didn’t happen since I told you he’s out picking corn.

So after that job was successfully completed, the runzas waited for another day, and I fed my family popcorn for supper. I never imagined I’d do that either!



4 thoughts on “So There I Was…

  1. Julie, you have no idea how reaffirming it is for me to read this post. And I love making homemade runzas too (we go minus cabbage)! Thanks for writing!


    • I dont know that I love making runzas yet. I still fear using yeast. I just had cabbage I needed to use. 🙂 I bet yours taste better or at least produce less air in one’s stomach. Thanks for commenting!


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