Tailing Elevator

Brad is wrapping up the harvest of our corn while I type. It appears to have been a good year for corn around here. Our two fields did very well (We finally didn’t get hit by wind or hail!), and every elevator I’ve seen has more corn piles than in the other years I’ve been here.

Our harvest has not been without incident although in my mind it feels like it went better than last year. Maybe that’s because Brad did most of it without me. Driving the combine felt a lot less stressful, although I didn’t drive it one day without spilling corn somewhere – behind the grain cart, over the top of the combine bin, just randomly in the middle of the field. I found out that I really need to pay attention to the bin full light, and that I need to use my brain and make sure the auger is out BEFORE I turn it on. The cows will thank me when they come to graze.

So here is my first stint in the combine this year.

IMG_1671We were moving along, having a good time, until the loud obnoxious beep made us stop everything abruptly. The tailing elevator light was on. Whatever that actually means I do not know, but I do know this was the problem.

tailing elevator chain Bummer! Farmer Brad saved the day and had it fixed in no time.

I’ll have more harvest pictures coming soon.


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