A Day During Harvest

The weather that hit today was forecasted several days ago, and it sent harvesting farmers into overdrive. It was like a made dash for the finish line.

Brad was waiting for the last 50 acres of his pivot to dry out, until he saw what was coming. Since he was already committed to trucking for another harvesting farmer, he thought he had to squeeze what was left in to before and after that.

This particular day he got up at 4:00. That forecast robbed him of his ability to sleep well. It also made me more glad that he’s usually around to help me get everyone out the door at 6:30 on the days I work.

While I’m at work, Brad texts, “Didn’t get anything picked this morning. Too tough. It works for me to pick today” and then later “You can come out after work today. That would be helpful.”

Straight to the field I went after work. I think I will wear that argyle work sweater as my lucky combine sweater because I saw the monitor hit 260 bushels an acre while wearing it. I don’t know how it is where you are; but for us, that’s good.

255 isn’t bad either.

combine monitor

In the middle of this crazy day, Brad and I had a romantic date night. He in the tractor and semi, me in the combine with my argyle sweater and ear plugs, and a gorgeous sunset and moon rise.

IMG_1682harvest moon

Then the date had to end so the babysitter didn’t have to wonder if we were going to have the kids spend the night. Brad stayed at the field as long as he could and I went to get the kids. I must tell you that when I picked them up over an hour or two later than normal, our sitter sent a delicious supper home with us! How many people can say that their childcare provider has done that for them?!

Brad finished the field the next day and was able to get his combine and grain cart under cover before this arctic blast hit. I will now not leave my house unless absolutely necessary until I see temperatures in the 40’s again.


3 thoughts on “A Day During Harvest

  1. Great post Julie. Brad is a good man and I’m so proud that you help him in the farming endeavors. Your Grandma Hofer did the same….BTW..my Grandma Hofer also did the same.


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