One More Harvest Story

Here is one final harvest story for your education, and so I can post the picture of Liza in the combine.

Brad came up with a plan to make sure we’d get the corn harvested before the freezing, maybe snowy weather. This plan included having me go out to the field to pick the combine and grain cart full, so that when he was finished hauling for someone else that day he could get to the field and have almost a load ready to go to the elevator.

Wyatt, Liza and I loaded up and went to the field.

IMG_1690It was Liza’s first combine ride and she did a great job of sleeping.

IMG_1689For most of harvest this one spot on the header would get clogged up if we would go too fast. Since it was just me and Brad had the semi, I only had something to unload in on one side of the field this day. Because of these two things, the plan for this day was to only pick with five rows of the header, pick at a faster pace and pick going both ways instead of having to drive across the field not picking. Clear as mud?

That is why we have a picture of me not using all of the header.

We were just about to finish picking 20 rows worth (Wyatt was along so we were keeping track.) and the combine dies. I restarted it and made it closer to our vehicle so the three of us didn’t have to traipse through the stalks as far.

Did you know that if a diesel runs out of fuel, you don’t try to restart it?





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