Love Letters and Recipes

I have two completely different books to tell you about today. Both are interesting.

pizza bible

I will start off with The Pizza Bible by the champion pizza maker Tony Gemignani. Thick, thin, stuffed, deep dish, New York, Chicago, Sicilian… you name it, it’s got it and then some. This one is maybe out of my zone of proximal development and certainly out of my time-available-to-think-about-how-to-make-food league. In a different stage of life, I would love to dig into this book and make some awesome pizza. Plus some the different toppings, like fig, oysters and purple potatoes, kind of intimidated me as did the lengthy instructions and the need for weighing ingredients. I think of the Bible as an instruction book for life. Calling this book the Pizza Bible fits its content perfectly. It leaves no stone unturned in telling you how to make pizza, even to the extent that it tells you how to build a fire for a wood-fire pizza. It has useful pictures for showing you how to do things, but not pictures of every recipe. I’m tempted to give it away to someone who would be able to make me awesome pizza from it (Give a shout if that person is you!), but I might just have to try to make the Pepperoli first. Thank you to Blogging for Books for sending me this everything-there-is-to-know-about-making-pizza book for this review.

Now for the children’s book –


love letters from god

I really like the idea behind Love Letters from God by Glenys Nellist. It tells a short Bible story in child friendly terms and then has a “letter from God” in a lift-a-flap fashion that gives the personal application of the story. You can make sure you do more than just learn the story this way. All kids love a book with flaps to lift, and it’s fun to be able to fill in their names on the letter. The stories are in chronological order, and the final two pages have one letter that is an invitation and then one letter where you can write a love letter back to God. Such great ideas! The key verses on each page are not always in context with the story and the author seems to take some liberty in what she makes as the main point of each story. They aren’t ever unbiblical truths, but you just might keep those things in mind when reading. My children are always excited to read another story from this book. Thank you to BookLook Bloggers for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book!

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