12 Months

Family: This special time happened this week:

Since they’re only three days apart, we did a joint first birthday party. I’m so glad we did. It was a wonderful time with many wonderful people.

That was the fastest year of my life I believe, and now I can take “take monthly picture” off my to-do list. Maybe I will refer to her as 12 months instead of 1. It doesn’t sound as old.

Farming: Brad actually did a lot of farming things this week in addition to his winter electrical work. He went to a planter clinic to learn about planters. He attended a land action, primarily because it’s a small town social event. He took his sprayer in to get worked on, so it can be all ready to go in a couple months. He had to get some tires fixed, which means I go the chance to do my special job of driving to pick him up and bring him to another vehicle.

Believe it or not, farmers do have things to do in the dead of winter.

What I’m Thinking/Recommendation: So I did actually make a resolution other than to sweep my floor, which has been a great resolution by the way. I told myself I wouldn’t look at my phone until I’ve prayed for my kids and Brad. I love how it has changed my mindset in the morning and how it’s reminded me to pray for them.

Small Town Nebraska: My small town Nebraska experience this week was going to that big store that starts with a W. It’s an hour away from us, and I saw someone who lives two blocks from us there, someone I go to church with, someone I know from work, and an acquaintance from college. I had an easy time seeing people I knew and a much harder time finding all the things I wanted to buy.


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