For all who have been praying for Juliet, you can now go read more about her and send her some love on her adorable blog, RareJul.com. She is once again at her home away from home, Childrens Hospital. Go read her blog now!

You know one group of people who are really excited about the low gas prices?! I do. If farmers have a way to buy fuel ahead of time, they’re doing it. Brad figures these prices could save him .18 an acre spraying. That adds up.

We’re having a taste of spring weather, so my farmer started working on his planter. He took the green hitch for the fertilizer trailer off to make it easier for him to reach the middle boxes.working on a corn planter

I thought I was going to snap my arm in the two minutes I helped, and Wyatt happily ran the cherry picker.

Small Town Nebraska:
We’ve had a guest book ever since we were married. I have gotten great joy out of using it and looking back through it to remember who we’ve had in our home. I’ve decided that small town Nebraska is detrimental to a guest book. Our use of the guess book tanked when we lived here the first time and has tanked once again. I’m blaming it on that we have so many situations when people come by that aren’t “guest book signing” appropriate:

  • Neighbor kids
  • Bible study
  • Family 10 minute stop by to say hi or let us know something
  • Frequent fliers

That’s pretty much everyone. So…my new plan is to call it the “Visitors-from-over-a-60-mile-radium-guestbook” and to make sure I at least use it with those guests. If you’re one of those special people sometime, could you remind me you need to sign the book?


biggest bragA new Berenstain Bear book came out in 2014; and thanks to Booklook Bloggers, I got a complimentary review copy. I love a good Berestain Bear book, and my kids do too. The theme of The Berenstain Bears and the Biggest Brag by Mike Berenstain is something my two oldest kids need to learn. The book cover shows it perfectly. They tend to compete over the silliest things and love to try to one up each other. This book shows kids the problems with always trying to be one better than someone else and tells them, “Where there is strife, there is pride.” That’s something good for all of us to learn.







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