Highest Bidder

Family: Is it a small town thing to have a “benefit supper” for someone dealing with very tough life circumstances? We went to one of these benefits this weekend, and it had a live auction. Brad convinced Elliana to bid on a cheesecake. She raised her hand every time he told her to and then couldn’t stop laughing when she won. It would’ve brought a smile to your face to see it. I bid and won my first item at an action too. Is it bad to be happy about getting a good deal at a benefit auction?

Nebraska: Brad and I got to attend the Todd Becker Foundation‘s Annual Banquet this week. In front of over 1,700 people we heard Nebraska’s governor, attorney general, and the always influential Tom Osborne, proclaim that faith in Jesus Christ as the only way for eternal life. Go Nebraska! This fundraiser had a silent auction. I scored $125 worth of Norwex products for $85. Is it bad to be happy about getting a good deal at a benefit auction?Norwex Nebraskan’s clearly haven’t caught on to the power of Norwex like they have the power of God. Don’t judge, this powerful ministry was glad that Brad is working on being more generous.

Farming: ‘Tis calving season for many in Nebraska. If you want to feel a part of if, you really need to see if Mary Connealy will let you be her Facebook friend. She posts a lot of furry, little calf pictures and entertaining stories to go with them. Elliana stayed with her cousin one night this week and got to see a new baby calf, some cute new lambs and help move the cows across the road.Cows and CalvesHer cousins’ house will always seem much better than ours, I’m guessing.

Recommendation:  staying in loveRecently in Sunday School we went through the marriage series Staying in Love by Andy Stanley. I loved it! It’s funny, hits you where you need to hear it, and is full of truth when it comes to marriage. You can watch some of the videos free or buy it.  Whether you are getting married, happily married, or struggling in your marriage, check it out!   Because I liked that series, I thought I would like to read Ask It, and Blogging for Books provided me with a copy of it to review. ask itI did not love it. It did not beg for me to read it, and I didn’t feel like I learned a lot. That being said, one point that will stick with me from this book is that we rarely have to rationalize to do the right thing, but “it’s the bad decisions that require creative reasoning.” (page 14)

I know you want to know “the question”, but I feel it would be wrong of me to tell it to you when it isn’t on the cover of the book or even in the first chapters. I will tell you that Stanley bases “the question that will revolutionize how you make decisions” off of Ephesians 5:15-17.

“Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil. So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.”

If you’re looking for an easy, not too threatening or complicated group study, the book has discussion questions for each chapter and you can get the Ask It DVD series. I do wonder if the book might be good for high schoolers to read as it really encourages you to avoid foolish decisions that lead you down a slippery path. What I would really recommend is to read the Bible and pray for wisdom as the best ways to “understand what the will of the Lord is” as it says in Ephesians.


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