Small Town Blood Drive

Juliet is back in the ICU again! We’re praying she can stay off the ventilator. I haven’t seen a recent blog update, if you were thinking you might go check. She is getting her very own soup and pie benefit supper next weekend! I thought about tempting you to all go and support her, but what if you would end my auction streak and out bid me in the silent auction? If you’re interested, ask me for info; and I’ll see if I like you enough to let you come and bid against me.

Small Town Nebraska:
I had no idea living in our village would make me a frequent blood donor. They just make giving blood too easy and desirable. Who wouldn’t want to go somewhere for an assortment of free cookies, juice, breakfast and lunch?

IMG_1916Wyatt has this figured out too. He doesn’t stall one bit when I say we’re going to give blood because he gets his 100% orange juice in a can and offered cookies from the local volunteers, grandparents, and anyone sitting at the food table. Last week he told me he ate three and a half. It’s kind of hard to regulate when you have a needle in your arm.

I like the cookies too, but I really like the convenience. They’re scheduled just over eight weeks apart, so you can give every time. We’re in walking distance. I usually figure a relative will be there to keep an eye on my kids. One time I saw 5 of my in-laws there while I was donating. I’m not exaggerating. If they’re not there, we have a friendly neighbor girl who is happy to come keep an eye on them.


Where ever you live, the only thing that hurts is the initial poke. I’m experiencing no pain in this picture.
IMG_1913Filling the bag doesn’t take as long as convincing them your blood is healthy enough to share.

bag of donated blood

Notice the boots in the picture above? I have a picture of his plasma if you’re interested. He was donating double reds. Where we live, you can always find a cowboy and farmer giving blood and someone friendly to visit with while you’re eating your cookies. You basically know everyone who’s there or can figure out who they are and who they’re related to with a couple of questions.

If you’re not careful, you might start getting sentimental while you’re sitting there waiting to get your cookies. I think of giving blood as serving God and using my time for something worth while, but really shouldn’t everything I do be done in that way?


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