Ramblings on Little People

I’ll I’ve got for this week is kid stuff.

Family: The Bean Incident
We learned this week that Wyatt is very stubborn. It started when we had him try a bite of shrimp. He kept it in his mouth for over 2 1/2 hours without chewing or swallowing! He never gave in and ate it. Then we had chili a few days later. Before we even started eating, he said he wasn’t going to eat it. He has a thing against beans of all types. We told him he needed to try one bean and then he could have something else to eat. IMG_1947He never gave in. Neither did we.

At least Liza loved the chili.


This little kissable face may be the reason I only can ramble about children’s things this week. The only time I feel like I’m making progress on the perpetual mess of inhabited house when she’s awake is when she helps unload the silverware from the dishwasher.

IMG_8766It is one of her favorite things to do. She takes a piece and passes it to whoever is near and continues until she can’t reach anymore.

IMG_8764Her other favorite thing to do is unload cupboards. The olive oil spray from the lazy susan,

IMG_8772the drawer of lids,

IMG_8591and the cupboard with paper products are her favorites.

IMG_8761She’s now dealing with the frustration of not being able to open this door. We liked the location of our paper products too much to move them and were sick of picking them up, re-rolling the foil and always trying to redirect.

I learned about a new Nebraska author this week, Julia Cook. She writes children’s books about a variety of social skills, health, mental health, manners and those kinds of things. Maybe these titles will peak your interest: Cliques…Just Don’t Make Cents, Gas Happens, It’s Hard To Be A Verb, I’m a Booger…, My Mouth is a Volcano.Little Chicks Bible

BookLook Bloggers sent me this adorable Little Chicks Bible by PJ Lyons and Melanie Mitchell so I could review it for you. The cover is perfect for little fingers that like to feel softness. The beak and little wings are even movable. The inside is a sturdy board book. No worrying about ripping pages! Little Chicks Bible has eight Bible stories written with easy to read rhythm and rhyme (“…The soldiers all ran off afraid. Just the young boy David stayed….”), which is so great for little ears to hear. Each story is eight lines long with an appropriate illustration to go with it. This children’s Bible doesn’t even scratch the surface of Bible stories compared to children’s Bibles for older kids, but it could make a very fun and meaningful gift for a tiny person.


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