What I Am Thinking:
I was thankful for this reminder about the Incomprehensible Hugeness of God. I hope you take a moment to watch this.

Can you tell how big these tires are?

size of floater tire

3 hand widths wide and over 6 feet tall

Floater TiresThey are referred to as floater tires because they make it feel like you’re floating across the field in the sprayer. Brad will keep these wide tires on until he has to spray a field with corn growing in it. Then the skinnies will go back on for obvious reasons. Wide tires not only provide a smoother ride, but they are better for the field too because they cause less compaction. I think of them as the “addition” to the “house” that is the sprayer. $$$$$!

Small Town Nebraska:
A small town that Juliet lives near held a benefit for her and her family. Compared to our village this town of 600 seemed like a medium size town. They have a very nice community center and packed it for Juliet. It was overwhelming. You can give to them through her Go Fund Me site if your heart leads.

Now if my Husker men could figure out how to win. That would be BIG!


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