70 Years Together

We had the honor and privilege of celebrating my grandparents’ 70th anniversary with them last week. They were married in the home where my grandpa was born. Their wedding was done all in German. They don’t remember what was said at the wedding or if there was music, but they do remember they had minced ham and jello to eat after it. It was negative 31 degrees so their Model A wouldn’t start after the wedding.

They are an example worth following. I am grateful for their wisdom and their faithful prayer for us.LoveI don’t have adequate words to tell you about them.

Still married

Still in love

holding hands

Still able to smile

IMG_2445Still able to laughIMG_2427Still have friends who call them their “best friends”

Still making a difference in the lives of others 

1 and 91

1 and 91

They didn’t get to where they are today by living life their own way. They sought to follow God’s plan and would be happy to tell you that His plan is always the best plan.

Ponder that today.


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